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Mobile App for Quick Price Check and Availability

Dear Valued Wittichen Customer,

We are pleased and excited to announce the arrival of our new Mobile App for Quick Price Checks and Availability!  With our new Mobile App, you will be able to search our inventory for your price and our availability at our any of our 25 locations. You will also be able to add/remove products from your favorites list, build quick job quotes, check our continuing education calendar, and much more!!!

How Do I Get Started?

The mobile app is a web-based application that will run on any device or on a desktop browswer. The app does not require a download or installation onto your mobile devices. Simply go to https://mobileapps.wittichen-supply.com to login. If you have a username and password for the legacy customer website, those same credentials will allow you into the mobile app. If you do not have credentials from the legacy customer website, please contact your nearest Wittichen Branch Manager or Outside Salesman to have an account setup for you.

How Do I Search Inventory?

There are 3 ways to search inventory: By Product Groupings, By Product Description Search, and By Favorites. Once you find the product you are looking for, you will land on the product detail screen where you will see your price and a link to view available inventory at all of our 25 locations. It is highly recommended that you add products to your favorite list for quicker searching in the future. Adding and removing favorites is very simple. Below is a quick video on searching by Product Groupings.

[enlarge video for clearer viewing]


How Do I Build a Quick Quote?

Building a quick quote is very easy. Start by clicking “Build Quick Quote” and follow the on screen wizard to search for products to add to the quote. Each time you add a product, the app will prompt you to enter a quantity. Once you have added all the products, click the “Get Quick Quote Pricing” button to see the extended pricing and quote subtotal before tax.

[enlarge video for clearer viewing]


Miscellaneous Tips and Information:

  • Add Products to your Favorites List. It will make searching in the future much, much faster and easier.
  • The app is very easy to navigate and figure out. Just follow the prompts on screen.
  • Tap a branch location name to view branch contact info, including phone number.
  • Available inventory quantities are updated multiple times throughout the day.
  • Printing a quick quote is easy from a desktop browser. Just right-click and select print.


We are working on a full-scale, content-rich e-Commerce website that is fully integrated with our ERP system, and hope to provide many new features and options for you to do business with us. We appreciate your business! If you have any questions, please contact your local Wittichen branch and someone will be glad to help you.

Thank You!

Wittichen Supply Company


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